Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Power Performers / Future Playmates

The month we're having is great in terms of Playboy happenings. We've got some excellent monthly features going, including those of Trina Marie and Janine Habeck. We have word that Jo Garcia is going to be our next Cyber Girl of the Year, and on top of that, Regina Deutinger is going to make a fine Miss April 2008.

First off, Trina has done a wonderful job after starting out a little cold with her first pictorial, and I mean excellent! I raved about how fantastic Trina's Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial was back in November of last year, and after seeing her first pictorial, I was a little disappointed with how weak it was. I mean, she was, of course, beautiful as a model, but the pictorial lacks the pizazz of her CGOW masterpiece. In her new one, things are different. It's polished and perfect... she has a sort of bronzed glow to her skin that brings out every element that makes her so special.

I loved Trina's second pictorial the minute I laid my eyes on it. It starts out with this great head shot. I just love it when a head shot makes me excited about a pictorial. It really puts it all together when the girl's face is the focus, not the body as much. The fact is, Trina is fantastically engaging, her smile gorgeous. I would normally wait until a girl's Cyber Girl pictorial month is over, but I can't help but point out how HOT a photo like this one can be. Just look at the way her body tapers. It draws you in with her grace and her moves. A couple more highlights include this great butt shot and a wonderfully cute and intriguing kneeling photo. This wild and crazy kneel is a great example of how innovative Trina is. I'm telling you, we're seeing a star in the making. She puts it all on the line in each of her pictorials, and shows you something brand new with each picture. Have you ever seen a Cyber Girl throw in a spread as elegant and refined as this, right before showing off a facade of sex and lust in a raw pose? Trina Marie is the real deal, and I just can't wait to see two more weeks of material from her. With this pictorial, she's proven to be a major frontrunner for Cyber Girl of the Year 2009, but I'll still wait to pass judgment on her as a "lock" for the position.

Janine Habeck is also back in her Playmate Xtra pictorial after delivering a spectacular video in her second week. Those shower videos never disappoint, no matter the competency of the girl in question. There's something so active and intimate about the shower, and Janine benefited greatly. But how does she do when she's high and dry? Make sure to peruse her new pictorial here, and make sure to check out her fancy, lacy lingerie, that perky nude silhouette, and the wholesome nudity-infused enthusiasm. It's great to pay attention to the end of the pictorial, where Janine really works it and shows why she's a Playmate in the first place -- she looks AMAZING naked. It's as if she's only wholly comfortable once she's fully decked out in her birthday suit and ready to lay around, like in this sexual bedtop stare, or a risque legs-parted shot that shows off her ultra-smooth skin and luscious body dynamics. Janine was a great Playmate, but these pictorials really do her talent some real justice by allowing the audience to become more intimate with the perfection of her body. All the subtleties that make truly great Playmates are inherent in Janine, and that's what makes her so amazing.

Future Playmates
There's always much speculation on who's next in the Playmate world. The next Playmate, of course, is Regina Deutinger, who has an absolutely excellent preview pictorial out right now. She seems to have the whole German look down, but not only that, she does a great job in wearing her makeup and showing off her body with grace. She seems like she holds just enough back to make things interesting, and she looks like she might even continue the trend of strengthening the Class of 2008 after Ida Ljungqvist's great performance. I can't really point out a single photo in this pictorial that I liked more than others... they were just all so hot. Regina does a great job with facial expressions and conveying the mood. Just so natural! I can't wait.

As for Playmates of the more distant future, reports have indicated that Miss May 2008 will be the very beautiful A.J. Alexander. You can check out some of her material on her official website, which shows a vast modeling portfolio containing plenty of previous experience. A.J. is certainly a bit exotic and has something new to offer for Playboy, so I'm excited to see how all that pans out.

Future names include Valerie Mason, Laura Croft, and Kayla Collins (and perhaps Julliette Rose) as future Playmates, either speculated or announced under-the-radar. These have been gathered by numerous sources, but some of them are safe to say that they will be Playmates in 2008, such as Valerie or Kayla. The only question is when. In the meantime, do some of your own research to find some material on these enigmatic new women, and definitely post it in here if you do find some leads on these future Playmates. I'll always be interested to see fan findings.

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