Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Forward

For a little while now, Playboy has had a drought, as I mentioned in this entry, where I hit Meghan Allen for being a CGOM dud. I also wrote this one on January 30th, talking about the recent lack of quality Coed features, and highlighting one of the hot new talents, Magen Lugo. In recent months, we've had some problems in the coed department... COTM's like Eve Jewell, Amber Elise, Sarah Porchetta, and Marita N'Shea just don't cut it. Stella Dauphine was the last interesting coed to be nominated, and the only girl before that who was a real looker was Cristal Houston all the way back in May of last year. That's just an unacceptable lack of quality.

Same went for Cyber Girl of the Month candidates, with last year only having a handful of really great candidates (Jo Garcia, Kortnie O'Connor, Jennifer Hurt), and recent CGOMs Meghan Allen and Amanda Hanshaw simply not making waves like they should be.

In March, all that is about to change. March is shaping up to be one of the greatest months for Playboy in recent memory, with Magen Lugo (A- rated) as March's co-ed and the amazing Trina Marie (A rated) as the Cyber Girl! You might recall when reviewed Trina all the way back on November 26th, when I described her as a "rising star in the spotlight." Then, I described her as having perhaps the greatest Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial ever, with sexy fishnet clothing and an exotic pictorial laden with talent. Well, she got what she deserved, and now she'll have an entire MONTH to dazzle us, and perhaps even make a bid at 2009 CGOY (never too early to speculate). All month long, Magen Lugo will also give us what she's got in her coed feature, and I'll be covering it throughout, with details on just how fantastic this run might be. These girls almost seem like they might be incapable of disappointing because of just how naturally sexy they are, so this March should be one to remember.

On top of that, Janine Habeck is in the Cyber Girl Xtra feature this month! We'll check that one out too.

To tie it all together, let's examine the new portfolio pictorial from Ida Ljungqvist, our Miss March 2008. From the moment I saw Ida in the preview pictorials, I knew that she was a singular talent with uniqueness that can't be matched by anything we've ever seen before. But in her portfolio, you truly realize just how amazing she is.

Ida's mix of Tanzanian and Swedish blood make her a really great treat on the eyes. She has a striking face, a radiant smile, and a dark African body that really make her spectacular. On top of all that, she has great talents and has some great abilities to convey an element of mystery that makes her one in a million. So let's get to it...

Ida throws out an array of photos that follow the same central theme: they cater very well to Ida's body type and look. One of her magazine photos is this one, which shows the hourglass curvature of her very busty body. The second one is the only photo from a great, wet, and frazzled look that doesn't fit Ida's persona perfectly, but it's sexy nonetheless. From these, you can see the different environments where Ida is comfortable, as she flips between all of them flawlessly. Perhaps her best photo in the series is Photo #6, which is a fine showing of Ida's glowing look. She captures the camera with sexy eyes, and her body is undeniably amazing. Perhaps one of the great Playmate bodies since Heather Rene Smith of last year, Ida has extraordinarily large breasts and a butt to behold.

This head shot
kicks off a new phase of the pictorial, and is also one of Ida's best photos, giving a sense of just how beautiful she is from above her bust. This photo gives a sense of the voluptuousness of Ida (she's a short 5'4" but 108 lbs.). Playboy did a great job in choosing this relative newcomer as Playmate, because she's just so unique with her thicker-than-usual thighs and uniquely shaped facial features (from her African genetics, of course). Take another look at Ida from behind, and you'll fall in love with her posing abilities. Towards the end of the pictorial, Ida shows her butt again, and closes it off with this fantastic photo of herself, clearly showing her wide hips and her incredible proportions.

When it comes down to it, Ida has the total package. She is always bright and sweet, always enthusiastic. She has loads of posing talent for a relatively fresh model. She has some of the most out-of-this-world proportions of any Playmate in recent Playboy history, with a dreamy 32" set of D-cup boobs, a very slim 21" waist, and a ridiculously feminine, wide 35" waist that really makes her buttocks look like true works of art. Take Ida as you will... she is one of the real girls to beat in this early Playmate of the Year 2009 race. Although 2008 started off with a whimper, Ida might be marking the start of a memorable year, if this keeps up. She is truly an excellent talent.

Consensus... A-

Ida Ljungqvist
Miss March 2008


Luke said...

Ida is Playmate of the Year 2009

Luke said...

Very excited to see her Playmate of the Year Pictorial. Very very excited :D